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Originally posted by saturnotaku
Yeah, same here. It's not even like what you're doing is original either. Matt at 3DGPU has been doing that as long as I've been visiting there. I don't like it when he does it, and I certainly am against it here. IMO, it clutters the front page with unnecessary material. And when a site posts as much news as NVN does it gets rather distracting.

It would be great if this would stop, and we can bring the news page back the way it was. Clean and to the point. All news, no BS.
Seriously, what's wrong with you lately. Who cares if it's original or not, it's not infringing on a patent is it? NO!. It's not there to feed an ego either afaik. There have been several threads here in the forums dedicated to what people are listening to, and they went on for several pages too. I'm just saying that there is interest in the community.

I don't even really care either way. The only thing that's irking me about this is that people can get thier panties bunched so far up thier ass over something so small. It really is insignificant. bahh.
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