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Default 177.76 report

Being the guinea pig that I am, I upgraded from 177.70 to 177.76. For reference, I have a Dell XPS 1730 with an 8700M-SLI.

The Bad:
  • The external panel is still not detected on startup. Switching from the internal screen works, but the external panel was properly detected back in 177.16 (-ish... I forget the exact point release)
  • The clock frequency is still stuck at the lowest setting which makes most games unplayable. In nvidia-settings, the other two available clock speeds are greyed out.
  • I may not have mentioned this in my last couple of reports, but 1 core of my dual-core cpu is still occupied by a flood of interrupts from the video card... makes for pretty crappy battery life.

The Good:
  • 2D block move performance (scrolling) seems to be substantially better than 177.70 --- and is livable, but still not up to (say) the standard set by my matrox millenium G500. Large solid window moves are still sluggish.
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