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Default Re: Whats up with my GTX 260?

Originally Posted by Delbert View Post
Hello Atojar... back in the 6800 days, having a different 2D & 3D clocks caused lots of stuttering for me.... do you get anything similar with the 260 ?
Well i can confirm that ive played both age of conan for 2 hours+ and around 1 hour of cod4 just to test the card, both games ran really smooth, any stuttering you suffered back in the day must have been fixed because my game play was smooth as butter ... age of conan @ 1600x1200 with x8 aa, x8af and and all sliders 75%, shadows, grass, textures ect ect high and still hitting over 70fps!

cod 4 @ 1920x1440 with all settings maxed(cant remember the fps)and no screen lagg of any kind, ran smooth.
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