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Default Re: I am looking for a MMORPG - How is EQ2 these days

Log, since day 1 WoW raids are far more fun then EQ because the engine is capable of so much more interaction. So much that I started to list them now and deleted the paragraph because it would have taken 3 to list them all. It started with the fact that on release, Onyxia beat EQ to having dragons thats actually flew. The only reason EQ has harder encounters is because the engine is so decrepid its a pain in the butt to actually accomplish something in it, and its hard to identify things like spells and AoE because %100 of the raid has spell detail turned to the minimum, or face a death by sparklies because of its craptastic spell visuals.

I quit EQ when we were farming time and had just started into raiding omens of war.
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