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Default Warhead's Train mission doesn't end for me?? *spoilers*

Ok so I killed all the aliens, the train moved to the bridge, I watched the cut scene and now, I'm left standing on the bridge with no trainI can run all the way back to the very beginning but there's nothing left. I've killed everyone.

What do I do?? I've re-played the entire level from a save game back when the entire mission started but it still leaves me standing on the bridge there after the cut scene.

Was it supposed to start another mission? I checked the maps folder and I think I've played them all...If so, what console command do I need to type to move on?

I can't find any threads on this particular bug on the incrysis forums.. they're all pertaining to the train not moving towards the bridge. I went back and double checked and all the aliens are dead.

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