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Default Re: Why did NVIDIA skip the revision of Direct X 10.01 on their 9800 GTX/GX2/GTX 260/

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Key phrase:

in the works:
Of course it's "in the works." It takes a good amount of time to design and develop games--especially those based on new tech.

Your position that NVIDIA "screwed us all" is flawed as well. Design choices are made. NVIDIA deals with a lot more devs than ATi, as you note. If they all said "Who cares?" why would NVIDIA push this to market.
Hardware choices are often influential on the developing community. We're seeing that with ATI at the moment. They own the minority marketshare yet some development teams are spending a wealth of their time still choosing to implement the new standard.

Other thin is I don't notice you saying "If only ATi would embrace PhysX, a unified standard would push more devs to incorporate" or "If only ATi would embrace stereoscopic- more monitor companies would bring out monitors" or "If only ATi would embrace CUDA, it would become industry standard".

Given the choice between what DX10.1 brings to the table and where NVIDIA spent their time, I pretty much dismiss DX10.1. Like most of the world will.
Perhaps it's because I'm old-fashioned, but I don't give a damn about stereoscopic or CUDA right now. I care about what benefits gaming performance most, and from what I'm hearing from developers, that's DX10.1. It's Microsoft's API.. they're the ones who built the OS, and they're touting it as a performance booster.

PhysX has potential, and it would be nice if we could reach a standardization, but that is a failed attempt by you to parallel the DX10.1 argument. Nvidia owns Ageia and the PhysX technology; ATI does not own DX10.1. DX10.1 is a technology that both are free to share on equal ground.

I mean, get real. You can't expect ATI, a competing graphics company, to quell its own ambitions for a superior physics processing and humbly take shelter under Nvidia's PhysX umbrella knowing they would always play second fiddle to them. If Nvidia really wanted partnership on this venture, then they wouldn't have bought Ageia to gobble up all the technology to themselves. Their primary focus is gaining marketshare.. just the same as ATI.

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