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Default Antivirus Experts needed!

OK so we've been having some issues recently with viruses that users don't know about showing up on our network via thumbdrives and portable harddrives.

We're using Symantec 10.2.xx right now and I was able to disable symantec's auto protection, download the EICAR test virus

And download it both unzipped and the zipfile to a thumb drive... I re-enable auto protect and NOTHING. Plugged the thumb drive into another system with the latest definitions and nothing. Norton is quiet as a mouse.

Now I've disabled autoprotect once again, moved the file onto my desktop and re-enable auto protect.... half an hour later, nothing.. not a peep.

We need a PROACTIVE solution that can look at not only thumb drives but quietly always be on the lookout in the background for suspcious activity.

In all fairness, it DOES come up when I try and download the file to my hdd, it says not so fast and auto protect kicks in. Same as when I try and unzip the file to my hdd or thumbdrive. It does it's thing but it required user interaction... there are a lot of viruses and worms that DONT require me to do ANYTHING to them.

If someone has such a worm or virus on their thumbdrive and bring it to work and plug it in, the malicious file has a playground to do it's dirty work without norton ever blinking an eye.
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