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Originally posted by Flavius
Hey AnteP! You're saying that you now have a 5900 non-Ultra WITHOUT the flickering?? WHAT BRAND AND MODEL PLEASE? I had a 5900 non-Ultra originally that flickered! If there is a brand that does not flicker, I will buy it! Thanks!
I have 5 5900 boards at home, only one of the three non-Ultras have the problems.
The two that work properly are ABIT and Inno3D.

But the problem isn't tied to the third party manufacturer so don't expect every ABIT 5900 to be problem free, or even less of them being problem free.

If I get 1000 Gainward boards and 1000 ABIT boards an equal amount of percentage of the boards will be fuxxored, at least according to what I've seen as of yet. (I review videocards, if you're wondering where I get all these boards from )

on the boards I have components may vary, but one thing that looks identical on all boards is the voltage regulators
thus I don't think any brand would be better than the other when it comes to this (if it's true that the voltage regulators are the cause of the problems)

btw this problem seems pretty f-cking bad
I've had 6 5900 boards in total, three of them has flickering and/or noise problem
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