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Default Re: I am looking for a MMORPG - How is EQ2 these days

Yea.. while the models do have more detail.. I've never been thrilled about eq2's graphics..

1. All the models look like they are default meshs from poser exported out.

2. The world makes heavy use of repeated texture tiles so everything looks rather generic.

3. Z-buffer shadowing. -_-

4. Some spell effects were nice, but the majority of them are lack luster (I wont say WoW is too much better... I guess I am just so spoiled from final fantasy games, ya know).

5. EQ2's monster models arnt too impressive. I havnt looked much at AoC's or LotRs boss monsters, but so many MMORPGs have the crapiest models (AC1 and 2 were laughable). EQ1 was good for its day, WoW does a great job, and guild wars is pretty impressive too.

Currently though I think all MMORPGs are currently underperforming more then they should. AoC was a good attempt but its animation wonkyness brings down its high graphical effects.
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