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Default Re: Official "I just got my GeForce GTX 280 or GTX 260" thread

Originally Posted by WCG View Post
Well, I'm about to make the jump from my BFG 6800 OC to a 260 Maxcore I think... I'd ask if I'll see any performance increase but that'd be silly. Also jumping from 2ghz amd64 to 3.16ghz core2duo... ugh, don't even know what it'll all set me back. I just wanna play crysis smoothly... my 6800 runs it a little choppy on low settings at 800x600
Yea I know, I'm quoting myself, picked up a BFG 260 OC MAXCORE....crysis on high is like so playable now... and stalker omi, games have never looked so good or ran so smooth.. lol
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