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Default Re: gtx260 core 216 (my first sli)

Originally Posted by hell_of_doom227 View Post
Uninstall nhancer. Just install drivers and run it SLI works perfectly good in Crysis and STALKER, and other games.
Thanks for the reply.

So far, very happy with my SLI purchase crysis warhead runs great at 1920x1080 all enthusiast but shadows mainstream.

Did I mention these things overclock like mad? Run really cool also.

702/1475/1225 got me 2k more in vantage over stock. P19,321 so far.

Not 1 problem in anygame I have played so far and have notice none of the "microstutter" that people complain about in SLI.

Haven't tried many still tweaking my system and monitoring temps/fanspeed.

Overall glad i got the 216 over the "vanilla 260's"

+EVGA rocks!!! Also glad i did not get the superclocked or the bfg oc maxcore. With these oc's im past those anyways.

I will post more as I test more games/apps/HD playback ect ect.
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