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Originally posted by ThaRugged
I've got the Leadtek A350 TDH MYVIVO (Geforce FX5900 Ultra 256MB)
It is the one in the metal case, but I can tell you the card produces the same annoying sounds and the same flickering everybody in this thread has to deal with.
I hope Nvidia will fix this soon.
I paid over 500 $ so where is the support Mr. Burke ?
Actually Mr Burke doesn't owe you anything, Leadtek does.

The one thing that boggles me is how nVidia and their partners totally missed this in quality control. I mean a massive amount of boards are affected, probably much more than we've read about simply because users haven't noticed yet or blamed it on other stuff or simply are "Avarage Joes" who don't know where to go with such problems.

Yet, it slipped through with ease or so it seems.

If it is indeed unfixable in software this might get very ugly for all nVidia partners, with RMA and all I mean. (Should also spell pretty large financial setbacks too.)

If it is nVidias fault I wonder if the third party manufacturers will get refunds on the faulty boards/chips they've bought?
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