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Default Re: My new game and share the experience of the first 3 days lol

Cool, I've played Shadow of Legend 2D version for more than a year since began in Apr., 2007, and I've been waiting for 2.5D version on Oct 17th. Maybe you need this:

SOL is the closest thing to Diablo 2, an all time favorite to hundreds and thousand old school players. Itís A vast world with diverse landscape, with a wide array of standard mmorpg features: Stunning graphics, Decent animation, Intense PVP, Challenging dungeons and instances, No pointless grinding, Extensive crafting system, Skill Progression and Reborn System and so on.

And I like best its PVP system. There is Open PVP, Arena, and Guild Castle Siege in conjunction with an honor system and a criminal system provide unparalleled intensity of SOL PVP experience. Each time when I killed someone or powerful Boss or NPC, I really canít stop laughing, itís so cool.
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