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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by timest View Post
Sorry Steve, that's incorrect.. of course mips are saved within the file. So the up side is that with mips, dense cloud cover will not eat texture memory bandwidth for breakfast. As long as you have the memory.

Thought I would clarify that here.

Well thanks for the heads up there Tim

Can i ask if you've made changes/replaced to the Cloud MDL files or if your still using the standard 4x4 1024x1024 tiles arrangement within a 4096x4096 texture? ive been working on my own replacement sets and the only way i can keep textures as crisp that out to the horizon is to force Nomipmaps in the Nv dds Exporter (i understand if you dont want to answer that btw im just curious as ive been doing some cloud work myself this past week)

Anyway thanks again for dropping in i think its great that your present on various forums unlike some other dev's who only seem to pop up when theres a party to spoil

All the Best with REX i look forward to using very soon & for may hours hours

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