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Actually the problem is very wide spread... I've been pointing people to these forums from various places that weren't even aware they had the problem till they were pointed out the problem and others did know but they were lost. Some people don't even notice the flickering but it is there. I've now been through 4 FX 5900 Boards to date (some ultra and some non and some exchanged/RMA'd and most returned). At first I was wondering if I was the only one that seen the flickering/strobe effect but when I asked 5 other people they all seen it yet my brother who I thought had great eye sight couldn't see it but he could pic out imperfections in a cars paint job at first glance. The problem is there... go through IRC and other various chat rooms and ask people about there 5900 Boards and you will see that people do have the problem but they just don't know what to do or where to go. There are still people poping up on various Forums that have had the card for some time but are only now asking for help or if there is something wrong with there system(s). Take a look around, there are other places other then this forum or rage3d's or toms... Chat Rooms/Channels, ETC...
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