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Default Re: Why did NVIDIA skip the revision of Direct X 10.01 on their 9800 GTX/GX2/GTX 260/

Originally Posted by Heinz68 View Post
Absolute nonsense. Can you give us some source about your accusation or is it just in your head?
Some links please and don't waste time with forum post like yours, some people have no problem to repeat it.
For example about this conspiracy ; "ATI successfully manage to lobby MS to include in DX 10.1 some features which they are better prepared to implement than NVidia. DirectX is Microsoft's proprietary, so nothing can stop them from giving one IHV a favor over another." I wonder why we didn't hear NVIVIDIA or the game developers screaming murder about it?

AMD/ATI is first to support new extensions for OpenGL 3.0 with official drivers.
LINK or Google for more.
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