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Default Re: Why did NVIDIA skip the revision of Direct X 10.01 on their 9800 GTX/GX2/GTX 260/

Originally Posted by ATI DX10.1 Maverick - Xion X2
Wow, aren't you the troll that likes to spout clueless insults at people.

Are you blind? Read the first sentence of his quote again:

We welcome AMD’s broad support for DirectX 10.1 compliant hardware and we’re pleased to see our newest technology brought to market so soon.
You truly are missing the point. That quote says absolutely diddly squat about anything other than the fact that ATI's latest hardware is DX10.1 compliant, and that they were the first to bring DX10.1 to market, and MSFT's guy acknowledges that. So what? Tell us something we don't know. What does that sentence have anything to do with game developers supporting it?

Next time, don't throw around random quotes that don't really do anything to bolster your argument. To state or even imply that DX10.1 is going to gain any traction is simply pure nonsense. That's unfortunate for 48xx owners like you and many others, but that's just the reality of the situation.
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