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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Hey guys

@NuBee glad to hear your on the mend & welcome back

Thanks for the kind words Tim & thanks for the wallpapers seems Arizona's climate give you acess to some very defined cloud edges which i must say look fantastic

i just wish Aces had gotten ther heads out and given us cloud shadows instead of ****pit shadows your clouds are just screaming for some complimenting ground shadows to complete the immersion....

& Yes thats my first set of clouds im quite happy with them sofar & im thinking of work up a full freeware ENV package much like you did under FS9,its gonna be a few months in the making & im sure my cloud & edge quality will improve once i have access to some better equipment & better weather UK aut/winter is pretty much all overcast!

This first set is pretty much a gap bridge'er for my own use untill REX hits,i do own FEX but since i reinstall vista & FSX last week i cant be bothered to reinstall or use it + i freaking hate that flight1 wrapper crap total PITA

So for those without FEX and or ppl who are just waitting for REX here a SHD! replacement set of cumulus to try out in the mean time

RS Download readme gives the low down and backup install instructions

Linky preview thumbs to 1920x1200 Pic's

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