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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Nubee - it's ok, I was not offended at all, so you don't have to say sorry, my reply was in pure jest. You can't like everything, and it's a good thing to say when you don't..and that even applies to Tim

Criticism is a good thing, if it's well intentioned, and honest. I'm a painter, and though it nice to get people saying how lovely they are all the time, a little simulating discussion, and honest reaction only serves to improve the creative process, rather than pandering to the ego.

Tim Very nice wallpapers, I love how white your clouds look. I can never get them this pure looking with FEX, using the lightest settings, and even when using a very dark blue sky.

Steve I will try your clouds, as soon as I finished writhing this, they look superb well done!

I will also re-upload the sky, and add the blue one too.

All the best - Mark.

EDIT to add: These clouds are really very good Steve, and a much better alternative to the default set, for those still using them.

I'm impressed - keep this up and it'll be, look out! REX and FEX

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