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I never even knew there was a flicker problem with the board... I didn't know about it so I pretty much didn't go looking into anything about it or for it. I simply bought the card and seen it right away. Its kind of like watching an old T.V. and when you see this energy wave going from the bottom to the top (not sure if any of you ever seen this?). It distracts from what a person is doing and can also be potentially very harmful to the eyes as well.

I think its very funny how some people are very content with paying $500 on a video card and could care less if it works the way it should... I've also seen a few people say things about how if you were on ati you would be in an even worse position... that itself is funny too because its basically saying... well if brand A doesn't work well why should Brand B so just be happy that you have anything at all even if it doesn't work properly. Seems like these kinds of statements simply tell nvidia they shouldn't give too cr@ps about the people who are getting screwed over.
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