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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Hey guys

@ Tim

Whoa thats some insane resolution! are you guys cloud computing to deal with that about of detail or did you higher Big Blue for a few months hehe

Cant wait to try out REX (i know it been said before but once more wont hurt) i think were about to see the bar not just raise but to whole standard of ENV addons reset to a new level i think other dev's will find not just very hard to match but almost impossible to beat!


Hey man thanks for the kind words I can only say i hope my efforts will get better in the future,these were taken with a pretty low res digital cam (i think its only about 4mp)
so once i get my better cam back i'll see what i can do,

im in noway out to compete with REX but if i could give something back to the fsx community as freeware that surpasses the default clouds i'll be happy as i know not everyone can afford 3PA's

Had a few requests for some 2048 & 1024 versions so heres some fresh links




All the best

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