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Default Re: Windows 7 = Windows Vista Sp2?

Win7 == Vista SP2??

mostly yes.

the core is Vista, with some tweaks. MS admits that.
same core, same driver model, same security model (mostly),, same, same ,same

Adding multi-touch support. (maybe in 2-4 years I'll care)
Direct-x 11??

The most obvious difference is MS is removing a lot of their little used bloatware.
Outlook express, movie maker, and other seldom used stuff will be removed.
IE8? probably, as IE8 is scheduled for end of 08, W7 for mid/late Q2-09 (maybe)

Similar to any removed apps, will have updates available on MS-Live. (I'll use alternatives personally)

There are many questions outstanding.
Will Win7 now require a MS-Live account? (Is this a new anti-piracy tactic?)

There are indications that MS will release a beta to the MS developer conference in late October.

The boards will be lit up with reviews in a month, or so.

2 major questions remain unanswered.

1) Will any major dropped Vista features be included (the rumored new file system, ...)?
2) Will the licensing/packaging be easier to understand. (didn't Vista originally have 11-13 packages for the US alone?) Will the pricing be easier to swallow?

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