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Post Re: BloodRayne 2 FSAA Patch 1.41

Hi there. First of all : thank you walterman for sharing your work.

I have installed v1.41 of your patch on my Core2Duo / 8800GT (512MB, 177.83 nvidia drivers) rig and encountered the now well-documented issue of black screen during prerendered cutscenes...
Except the "old AA method" trick did not solve the problem in my case. But after a bit of tinkering with the settings I discovered that the "AA color samples" setting had an impact on this :
0 - the cutscenes work fine (but well, duh)
2, 4 - black screen (classic)
6 - crash game to desktop (okay, definitely not an improvement)
8 - works almost perfectly (huh ?) : the majesco logo video fails to appear, but the others do.
10, 12 - same as 6

Also I'm using a custom widescreen resolution (1360*768, Vert-), VSync on and autoconfig-ed the rest, but these did not seem to have any influence on my problem (as in "I have tried without them to no avail").

So um that's it, bottom line is : on my rig, no need for the "old AA method", but the "AA color sample" must be set to 8 (and "AA compatibility" enabled). Maybe it will be useful to someone else (as I did not find any mention of a similar workaround). Anyway thanks again, and now it's time for some sweet widescreen FSAA-ed vampire slicing
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