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Default Re: Windows 7 = Windows Vista Sp2?

Originally Posted by Q View Post
No offense, einstein_314, but Vista has a lot of that bad rap coming. ESPECIALLY pre-SP1.

At the university I work for, we required our users to install SP1 for Vista. Nearly a quarter of the machines (Newish Dells, HPs, Toshibas, etc) failed to upgrade properly. Either black screens or infinite restarts. It was a disaster that we still haven't recovered from, especially since we don't service student machines.....

hence the reason i run linux. simple, elegant, allows me control of my device..oh and no viruses or spyware.

at my work, i manage 70 PC's by myself and i started rolling Vista out to them over the summer. got to 7 machines and had to revert them becaue of hardware/software compatibilty problems and PC's running slow.

We have a citrix server and i have SERIOUSLY thought about switching us to linux and running Citrix for their Windows applications..
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