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Default Re: Windows 7 = Windows Vista Sp2?

Originally Posted by wolfgar View Post
The most obvious difference is MS is removing a lot of their little used bloatware.
Outlook express, movie maker, and other seldom used stuff will be removed.
Vista doesn't come with Outlook Express. It comes with "Microsoft Mail". Which is basically Outlook Express.

These apps aren't going away, they will simply be a separate download. The Live apps are essentially improved versions of these things, with more Live integration. They are a little better than the apps that come with Vista, but don't replace them. There's no need for two Mails and two Photo Gallerys and whatever. I'm sure just like Live Messenger in Vista, Windows 7 will have a very obvious icon to click to download the Live apps.

Originally Posted by wolfgar View Post
There are many questions outstanding.
Will Win7 now require a MS-Live account? (Is this a new anti-piracy tactic?)
Doubtful. For the record, when a new Mac is taken out of the box, and OS X started the first time, it happily asks for the user's name, address, phone number, email address, and really wants to create an online account for them, after a few pages of "ARE YOU **SURE** YOU DON'T WANT A .MAC/MOBILEME ACOUNT?!!! IT'S ONLY $99 A YEAR REALLY!!"

Microsoft has so far never asked for these things.
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