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Ya know, one thing I could do without; though it really is an improvement, is shamies getting CC... Why do I say this? I hade CC'ing, and yes I know it's I'd rather be a little lazy

My first char I took very far (forget the paly; I wasn't much interested in healing then, so didn't play him long, or too far into ZG) was a hunter. And I saw just how bad nerfs on traps can make it. Unlike priest/mage CC which doesn't tend to resist, and can be re-applied without CC, the hunter's traps had got repetitively gimped. Among other things was the lengthening of the CD to 30 secs (used to be 15 secs with 20 sec duration), and then the addition of resistences, with a possible linking of the thing to a rather useless spell hit rating (no hunter in their right mind would trade up spell hit for normal hit till cap, and agi/ap).

End result... Pre-TBC, I never saw a trap resist, this included not only lvling, but raids as well. Now there were challenges that post-TBC didn't see; ala without MD, the old method was to run in, grab mob, kite to tank waiting for target, then feign death about the same time the tank taunts off one... But nothing like the first time one stepped in kara; before people could dispense with CC. Moroes was a b*tch at first, and one I never expected from the entire time I raided pre-TBC.

However, with paly tanks, and people running around in tier 5 and/or 6; people don't CC that much anymore, and outside of that new 5 man at sunwell plateu; not at all... Yes, after one's done 40 min heroic SP runs, and CC-less h shat halls, shadow labs, and just about everything else; people don't want to have to bother with it.

So, my main is now a elemental shamy, which is split with 1 tier 6, 1 tier 4, about 5 BT boss drops, a Hyjal drop (these are outside the tier 6), and the rest is mostly kara about. It isn't hard to get a heroic run, or a kara badge run, without CCing... People look at the gear, and it's like "ok" even if they asked for CC at start.

I swear, pre-2.4 or whatever it was; I never had a trap resist lvling a hunter, now tried another on another realm the fricken thing resists many times per hour even at 25. That's why I changed to a class that can't CC; I got sick of it And as to the argument they pay for it working on multiple mob types (not all though) by it being less reliable; that's the point. If everyone knew it wouldn't work, they'd stop asking so the burden wouldn't be on one

Right now, I can envision one being wanted to CC (hopefully not as time consuming as all the resists and CD give hunters), DPS, and pick up the slack for the healers (which one does presently) all at once
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