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Originally posted by Flavius
Could someone e-mail the Public Relations guru at Nvidia, Derek Perez, and tell him his company is looking at a public relations DISASTER on this flicker issue? His e-mail is on the Nvidia website.
I agree 100% on it being a disaster for nvidia. Not just the people with this problem will most likely not be buying another nvidia product in the future (most may not again) but think about all the people they will tell not to buy a future nvidia product. I know myself since the tnt days over the years had plenty of people buy nvidia cards because of there once rock solid cards/drivers. I can also say that so far it doesn't look like I will ever recommend another one again and I'm sure others out there will most likely do the same. Today I tried my eVGA FX 5900U board on 2 more systems belonging people people I just met in a local CompUSA store that were going to buy a 5900 board. I decided not to point out the flickering and they picked it out without me showing them. It took one of the two about 10 minutes to see it but the other one seen it as soon as a map loaded in Medal Of Honor (also tried Wolf. ET, Enclave, Splinter Cell and Morrowind, Wolverine's Revenge, Shadow Of Destiny, Hitman 2, Dragon's Lair 3D, Elite Force 1 & 2, Enter The Matrix, CnC generals... The list kept going on as they had more games then I can remember installed).

The more I test this board in more system is the more I believe that I will not use another nvidia product ever again unless something is said and done shortly after. The only reason I kept testing is in hope that I can prove myself wrong but as of yet I keep getting disappointed (I don't give up easy). Nvidia needs to say something soon As this is already hurting themselves... Today they lost two potential buyers of the 5900U (not directly but it still will hurt them in the long run). It was not my intention but I couldn't see people buying the card without a fair warning and I originally went there to buy a new case (and I wanted to see if they had the flicker on there systems as well )
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