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Default Trojan Problem, false positive? Still ecnounter errors

Let me list you the events in chronological order.

Two days ago, i download Ultramon, I use it, it works great. (It is the only thing I've installed in the past month)

This morning, I can use winamp without a problem.

When I get home today from work in the afternoon I can also use winamp with no problem.

I head out of the house for a few hours and I come back, I try to use winamp.

My AVG anti-virus says it has detected a threat named "Trojan Horse SHeur.CLZE". I cannot open winamp. This 'trojan' is located in the .exe file of winamp, I delete it. I still cannot open winamp.

I uninstall winamp. I download the .exe file from and run it, after it installs i try to launch winamp. I cannot, AVG notifies me that it has detected that trojan again. Windows gives me that error message in which I can send a report to microsoft.

I browse online typing the 'trojan' in google, I find that a lot of people are getting this detection with AVG and AVG only.

I go to, upload the 'infected' winamp file and the site begins running scans with various other anti-virus software. They detect nothing.

I am thinking this is a false positive, but if so, why can't I open winamp? Why do I still get the error?

Thanks in advance.
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