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Default Re: Just got a 260 - nice upgrade!

Got a couple of little problems. I've been out of PC Gaming for at least a year now so my head is all fuzzy. I have no reason why, but I just dropped down to 8xQ in the drivers for now. So @ 8xQ and 1680x1050:

COD4: Played it fully on the PS3 but never on the PC, even though I paid for it long ago. I just put the disk in and gave it a test drive (max settings). I had BAD tearing. So I turned on Vysnc and it seemed to stick at 60fps solid, but (don't know how to described it) looked a little odd when turning fast, although the tearing went away of course.

CRYSIS: Paid for it the day it came out and tried it for 5 minutes. I laughed (then cried) and threw it in the closet. I just blew off the dust and tried playing on High settings. It seemed to run really nice but FRAPS was showing a range of 15fps to 22fps. So, I need to make some changes - just don't know what to do or try right now. I didn't notice any tearing in game (played for 15 minutes) but I wasn't doing any fast turns either. The intro video's had really bad single line tearing for some reason though (left Vysnc off the whole time).

Now that the 260 candy store is open for business.

CRYSIS: Need to play it now (sweet - I can play it!)
COD4: Need to play it through
The Witcher Enhanced: Need to play it through
Mass Effect: Played it 4 times on the 360. Gonna buy it sometime in the near future to do a PC pass-through
Farcry2: Going to Pre-Order this week
Fallout3: Thinking about changing my pre-order from 360 to PC. Although there won't be an editor on launch and I don't know if the PC will get any of the massive DLC the 360 is suppose to get. Not sure if I should go PC or not? Probably will
Dead Space: I can see myself buying the PC version now
Oblivion: Only put about 2 hours into it. When it came out I still had a 6800GT and I wasn't happy about the way it ran. It would be nice to play it now that it would actually look really good and play smooth.

Not sure what else right now ... That's enough games to keep me busy for a few months at least. (Married and full time job.. blah blah. A few games last me a long time).
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