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Default Re: Windows 7 = Windows Vista Sp2?

Originally Posted by Gimlis View Post
Oh I could and did.

But that was pre SP1, I needed to use a couple older Custom apps that didn't run well / correctly on vista along with performance & stability issues with a couple older games..
Though I am fairly certain the fault was in / with the individual Apps or games programming and not Vista. Regardless of where the fault lied it I meant that Vista was not a viable choice for use as my primary Os at the time.

my need for those apps has since changed so I have been thingking about giving Vista another go.
I waited for SP1 to be out before i installed and try Vista again, before that, i tried it with i think RC2, with my GX2..left horrible memories...

Infact from the first vista sp1 install i have not even gone back to XP yet...
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