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Default how to build a really fast home network

I would like to speed up my network performance. some tips would be great

right now I have comcast ISP, with linksys modem connected to D-Link DGL-4500 with additional D-Link (consumer level) 8-Port Gigabit Switch.

reason why i'm considering this, i managed to get 100-120mb/s transfer between main rig and server (server 08, still running evaluation).

Server is Phenom 2.2ghz with 4gb ram, but with 100-120mb/s transfer CPU spikes to about 50-80% and ram gets filled up to 100% in under a minute for some reason. Right now i'm using the onboard Gigabit Realtek chip.

Main Rig is using nvidia nforce gigabit chips (based on Marvell).

both machines are connected to DGL-4500, I'm considering buying Intel Pro PCI-E Gigabit NICs for all 3 main PCs (Main Rig, Server, HTPC) to cut down on CPU usage.

and instead of having them all plugged in the Router to get a better higher level Gigabit Switch, and have all machines pluggged into that. Then that switch plugged into router.
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