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Default Re: Circuit City Banner Ad

tbh, I hate this ad, and was thinking of posting a thread on this; till I saw one existed.

The thing blows up to be substantially larger then the browser window itself; and takes up an extra-ordinary amount of screen real estate (larger then the browser window itself in length; but like 1.5-2x the size. Now one can get it to shrink to normal size by clicking on white space on the browser; but seriously load a page and it takes over the screen?

This circuit city banner add, with it's pop over/blow up is beyond a nuisance.... And as to buying based on that ad; hell no as I would care not to shop in a circuit city again due, not to their ads, but rather extreme incompetence of their employees.

As example, went in looking for an upgrade CPU to my Athlon board (had an Athlon 700 then), so asking price on computers, got shown a bunch of pre-built systems. When I told the person I wanted a CPU, not a computer case; the guy looked extremely confused and said "those are CPUs". So began a long explanation of what a central processing unit is; and I felt much like that lady on the web who asking the price of RAM got "oh that sounds like a war game" and was quickly moved from the guy standing behind the hardware desk; to an escort through the software section.

This went on for awhile; and after frustrated, as this person couldn't understand what an Athlon CPU is; I left in disgust and vowed not to shop there again. I don't expect sales people to be experts; but some basic terminology concerning the products themselves they should posess. All I can say is never again; they can forget my business until they see fit to train a more competent work force

Which brings up an important question in itself; for such a highly intrusive and evasive ad (vs others); is a circuit city ad really reaching a "target audiance" among a more tech savy forum here? I mean how many people here would go there for their computer hardware, vs various other retail chains be it CompUSA, Best Buy, Fry's, etc
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