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I was thinking more in terms of heroics and raids. Hitherto, no one asks or expects a shamy to CC... But if the added functionality means an extra expectation placed upon them....

I was quite litterly like wtf? and a bit annoyed when I saw what had become of trapping on my hunter when I first saw Moroes... The whole time through ZG, AQ, MC pre-TBC had nothing "that bad" in that regard. And as to other stuff; like kiting drak and feign pulling onto tank, well people were used to it.

Now DPS shamies can have an extra roll already; as they can be expected to off heal, even while they're DPSing. Sorry to say, but managing totems, DPSing, and healing can be enough on one's plate. Now have to sit there and tend to a CC (if it's as time consuming as hunter traps was made after several nerfs); even while people complain you didn't off heal them, and any healer will know how that complaint can go "I died because you didn't heal me, waaaa", and being expected to lead the DPS meter all the while.... And besides, one's backup; but someone can't avoid spout for instance as they get n00b blazzered by lurker, someone can't use their tiers with archii right, etc...

I'm sorry, but if a person has to go kiting mobs around and tend to a trap as a full time career; one can't be off DPSing hard on... Well if it's more reliable from a PvE standpoint as sheep; it will lessen that a bit. I still prefer not being asked to CC
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