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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Hey guys

I just wanna say I do really value all your input & feedback on my repaints and little FSX mods so a BIG Thank you for all the comments you post & if something i do really sucks plz let me know and if you get sick of me dumping this stuff here just let me know about that too hehe

Hey silly what i meant by wanting a better Reg was a better Aircraft Registration
i decided to go for VH-VCG in the end

VH being the required prefix for Oz aircraft and VCG for Volunteer Coast Guard

Anyways she's done now i think so ive packaged and uploaded it to RS for now

i'll get it upto Avsim this weekend(there file upload procedure is a pita)and maybe i'll join up over at as those guys seem to have some cool Oz based repaint things going on,btw this ones tagged with the tasmanian logo(red lion on white) but i'll see about getting around to making a few others with the various Volunteer Coast Guard stations area logo's/flags if anyone want to pimp this out at orbx before me feel free hehe you guys take somemuch better SS than i do any hows

@Mark I Grabbed the skys many thanks,im really liking the blue one for the more stormy overcast cloud types with a 10mile vis setting it very nice great work

As im in a EC-135 repaint mod atm (again) so i think i'll make this one my next repaint as i have'nt seen it done yet what you guys think would it be cool in FSX?

Also while im on a helo trip i can recommend Mike Krawczyk's Helicopter Trim Gauge on Avsim

saw this over at Simouthouse and if you have a joystick/throttle with trim pots this is a great tweak that can be added to any helo just make sure you RTFM

Thanks again guys

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