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Default Re: Windows 7 = Windows Vista Sp2?

Originally Posted by glObalist View Post
Nice wall of text there. I'm not slamming linux in any way, I'm just slamming the notion that an antivirus system will incur a noticeable and (as zoomy suggested) heavy CPU overhead to your Windows system. This is simply not true.

Remember we're talking about CPU overhead, not RAM overhead.
I know that-any program in RAM is useless unless the CPU runs it. Think of the countless CPU cycles wasted first for many years just running anti-virus programs, then later also anti-spyware (MS has their own now!). I don't have that problem.

Now please step away from your machine for if you dare to click on the reply button you will see a huuuuge CPU spike of 100% CPU usage for 1 milisecond. I'm not sure your big admin ego and your fragile machine can handle this... Just kidding, but you may see the point.
Not a big admin ego-just laying out my credentials before I started with my explanation. Yes, my CPU will see a moment busy when I click reply-running a program that I told it to run and nothing else.
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