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Default Re: Windows 7 = Windows Vista Sp2?

Originally Posted by Gimlis View Post
Wow sounds like youíre experiences with Linux are a Polar opposite to those Iíve had.

Iíve had the package manager fail and cease to work in 5 separate distributions Ubuntu , 2 x kUbuntu SUSE and Fedora, oops make that 6 forgot the Red had distro I tried years ago.

Fortunately those problems led me to community forums and man pages and force me to the use the command line and learn a little something in the process.. so far I am more interested in and impressed with command line than the GUIs Iíve seen for Linux.

its fascinating that you have had so much trouble. I have used SUSE, Ubuntu, PCLINUX and Mandriva08 and none of them had troubles. the only problems were caused by me tinkering with settings becasue I was getting my touchscreen on my tablet to work.

Maybe give it another try with a fresh install of Ubuntu Intrepid?
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