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Talking UT2003 Benchmark results...

Hi All,

This is the first set of mini benchmarks run on my system. The settings were set to maximum quality, or at least what I could set in the options section, including HQ 3D hardware sound + EAX extension. I am using the Omega KX 1.1.82 driver with quality settings on. All of these are the more strenious botmatch bechmarks so don't be scared by the results. The resolution was set to 1024x768, max.

UT2003 Build UT2003_Build_[2002-09-13_17.31]
Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
GenuineIntel Unknown processor @ 2396 MHz with 511MB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4600 (Omega KX 1.1.82) (3082)

dm-antalus?spectatoronly=true?numbots=12?quickstart=t rue -benchmark -seconds=77 -exec=..\Benchmark\Stuff\botmatchexec.txt

13.998052 / 37.235203 / 70.214691 fps rand[2992]
Score = 37.249538

br-anubis?spectatoronly=true?numbots=12?quickstart=tr ue -benchmark -seconds=77 -exec=..\Benchmark\Stuff\botmatchexec.txt

21.706738 / 55.652126 / 96.608856 fps rand[11570]
Score = 55.660789

dm-asbestos?spectatoronly=true?numbots=12?quickstart= true -benchmark -seconds=77 -exec=..\Benchmark\Stuff\botmatchexec.txt

22.989298 / 48.633221 / 84.101189 fps rand[21047]
Score = 48.655060

ctf-citadel?spectatoronly=true?numbots=12?quickstart=t rue -benchmark -seconds=77 -exec=..\Benchmark\Stuff\botmatchexec.txt

17.912407 / 42.310249 / 77.634651 fps rand[29105]
Score = 42.355621

My system spec is listed at the bottom of my post so u can compare. Let me know if there are any resolution/specific settings that u would like me to run. I will run them in the evenings and post it later that night.

Comments are also welcome
P4 2.4B(c1) @ 3014 MhzVolcano7+
Abit IT7-Max2 V.2
1 x OCZ 512MB el PC-3500 @414cas2
1 x 80Gig 7200(2MB) W/D
SB Augidy Gamer
Ati 9700(non-pro) - cat3.1(Omega)
Logitech Z-560's (AWESOME)
Viewsonic 19" P95f (Brilliant)
Lian-Li PC-65 / side window, 430Watt Enermax
WinXP / SP1

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