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Default Re: how to build a really fast home network

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
Waste of money atm, IMHO. 10Gb/s means you would have to have a file-storage system that can write @ at nearly 1GB/s, sure some bigger file-storage systems can hit that but it's not economically viable for consumers yet AT ALL.

Teaming mostly only helps if you are serving multiple clients at the same time, the only other time you might want to use it is when you have more then one teamed box. Also keep in mind that the speeds gained from Teaming will only help if all "teamed" systems are on the same switch, otherwise of course you'll get whatever the uplink port speed is which is almost always 1Gbps with modern switches.

It makes no sense to "team" a server that would only be serving 1-2 Gigabit clients on the same switch, however if you are looking for HD content streaming to more then 2 clients then yes teaming is the way to go. Also keep in mind there are different levels of teaming and most consumer-level switches are sparse on what kinds of teaming they support. Most of the time you will have to contact a vendor to find out what levels of teaming it supports (if at all).
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