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Default Re: Official Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning thread

I've hit rank 23 as a Disciple of Khaine on Azazel. Lots of fun. Graphics are okay but not great and the game gets CPU cycle bound a lot. I was having constant client crashes on Vista but they fixed it at launch (by disabling EAX I believe). Remember to increase AA/AF in the NV control ap since there's very few options in the game interface. Really loving the PvP aspect... despite the GCD, reminds me of old BF days. The scenarios are great and the PQ's are fun when populated. Open RVR seems to go both ways... only rarely do you get matched sized groups... though when you do it turns into a standoff in the middle and flanking battles... but still loads of fun.

Interesting that gamespot got better perf out of ATI and in one case a GTX280 over GTX280 SLI'ed:
Comical that they found going over 2G memory didn't help... but they were running Vista32. Though in my tests it doesn't really get close to 1.5G of use.

Still playing Dungeons and Dragons Online with a group of school friends now in different states. The game is 2 years old but has the same engine (and updates) as LotRO (putting it somewhere between WAR and AOC). It's getting the DX10 LotRO engine and revamping the new player area later this month. Still the best MMO for in depth party PVE and a combat system where you can actually use cover, dodge spells, with no GCD. Sadly the in-depthness and low-pop have kept new content at a snails pace for us beta players.
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