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Default Re: Windows 7 = Windows Vista Sp2?

Originally Posted by Gimlis View Post
Wow sounds like youíre experiences with Linux are a Polar opposite to those Iíve had.

Iíve had the package manager fail and cease to work in 5 separate distributions Ubuntu , 2 x kUbuntu SUSE and Fedora, oops make that 6 forgot the Red had distro I tried years ago.

Fortunately those problems led me to community forums and man pages and force me to the use the command line and learn a little something in the process.. so far I am more interested in and impressed with command line than the GUIs Iíve seen for Linux.
That explains it. Package management is fantastic these days, at least on the debian based distros I've played with which include debian, the 'buntu family, kanotix (holy crap fast!) and one or 2 others. Mandriva based, only PClinuxOS so far - kudos to texstar and the gang, but my preference remains with deb packaging.

I remember the dependency hell from a few years ago. bad stuff
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