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Default Re: Official Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning thread

Originally Posted by Tr1cK View Post
Engineer is a lot of fun, but we are really damn squishy. Supposedly, we get stronger as the levels go on. We get a ton of CC and knockbacks. They are probably the best all around support class that can fight in any area of the battle.

If Engineer wasn't so fun to play, I would probably go with an Ironbreaker. Then again, I'm not interested in mashing just a few buttons over and over and reluctantly waiting for someone to heal me. Engineer playstyle is more like that of WoW's Warlock, but with CC snares and knockbacks instead of Fear.

Ninja, what class did you enjoy the most in WoW? We could help you pick a class based upon that or whatever if you want to try something new. I think all of them are pretty balanced from the start though.
Yeah, you are a defensive class so going against me out in the open really isn't fair.
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