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Default Re: HD DVD Still Alive in the U.S

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
If Blu-Ray movies would drop down to $10-$15, BR sales would skyrocket. $30 is just ridiculous unless you are buying some Ultra Edition with 500+ features.
Aye prices are way too high, I have a list that I only buy when they go on sale somewhere, I'm starting to think about going to netflix though, their selection is quite nice and the idea of collecting loses its luster if formats change every 5 years and you have to keep re-buying the same movies.

IMHO the features are also part of the problem. HD DVD's you just pop in and the movie starts. No stupid menu's, transitions, etc. And I loved the in-movie menu. I've only seen a couple Blu-Ray's follow this.

Now we get 15 minute previews, commercials, GAH!
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