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Default Re: HD DVD Still Alive in the U.S

Originally Posted by npras42 View Post
I agree. I'm amazed at these business decisions sometimes. They could take a hit on price like they do with games consoles and make the films cheaper and just take over the market. Surely in the long term the video business is a better bet than the console business for profit making?

I dunno. I don't know the ins-and-outs of the finances involved so I could be totally wrong.
I'm with you on that man. BR prices frustrate me to death. Netflix is the way to go nowadays, gone are the days of building big movie collections its a waste of money because media is so easily accessible in this day and age. We only buy BR when its on a sale and its a movie we really love. Studios are dumb if they think consumers are gonna pay $30/disc for old movies that have already been re re re re released again with the same content
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