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Default Re: 3DMark06 Benchmark Results

Originally Posted by JaxMacFL View Post
E8600 @ 4.2GHz and 4870x2 @ 790/970

Score: 22,101
SM2.0: 8650
SM3.0: 14,647
CPU: 3736

After further review:

There isn't much out there to compare with (E8600 and 4870x2 with 3dmk06) but I gotta believe that the 'Deep Freeze' score is a quirk. I was so excited with the results and getting them posted that I didn't take the time to try and compare it to other listed scores at FutureMark until now. There can't be that big of difference between the 3870x2 and the 4870x2 on that test. I'm sure that it is a faulty score. Damn, sorry for the post.:>(
Actually, that SM3 test is about right. It is extremely shader heavy and the 4870x2 will completely outpace the 3870x2 on that test by far. I have seen many 4870 cards with killer SM3 scores. Yours looks about right for the video card setting.
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