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Default Re: Official Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning thread

Originally Posted by CaptnStubing View Post
One thing that really does bug me are the renown rewards. They suck unless you are into toughness and wounds stats as tanks are. I have only taken a couple of jewelry items from there.
Not that different from WOW pvp gear though, as I recall I went down in AP and Crit on my rogue with all the stamina and resiliance on the PVP gear.
I prefer to use STR stuff on my Chosen though, for RVR.
So PQs and INF rewards are a nice source.

As I recall it the RVR gear was waaay out of balance in closed beta, the resistances were just insane and made all the casters sorta useless, been significantly nerfed and it seems more like "here is some bare minimum stuff you can get if you have lowlevel items on some slots".
Atleast the lower tier stuff I´ve seen sofar, and that feels sorta right really.. you can get "free" gear up to a certain level just on gaining Renown and Rank, but if you want the nicer stuff you gotta hope for RVR drops or go out and do some PQs.

I guess..
Btw that thing about Taunt, my Taunt on chosen causes me to do 30% more damage on the taunted target.
Also it works on pets, to lock them on you.. worth mention.

About Open RVR servers, I felt that it was a bit of a downside that when you loiter into the T2 RVR area at lvl 12, you dont get temp buffed to lvl18 as you do on Core.
So there is basicly no chance for a warband of lvl12-15 players to take a keep, cant tank the NPCs.. we had a few hours of trying without success.
On a Core server you´re buffed to 18 compared to lvl20 on the npcs and its possible to do without having to get some higher level players to join, which I guess is easier now that people have leveled up a bit..
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