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Originally Posted by DiscipleDOC View Post just lost me. how can I run those images...?

Also, what are the limitations of VMWare?
I'm pretty sure you can use the VMWare converter tool to move VMs from one ESXi host to another. For the actual configuration of ESXi like the Virtual Networks, etc... I'm not quite sure. I haven't had to do that yet. You'd probably need the more robust VMWare infrastructure to do that.

I would call VMWare and have one of their people put on a sales show for you on the higher end products. They're pricey, but they are well worth it. At the very least they'll tell you what the products will and will not do.

For example, with Infrastructure you can have 2 or more ESX servers hooked up to a SAN. If you are running a VM on host 1 and host 1 goes down, it will seamlessly kick over to host 2. It will also do the same thing with the VM image if you have 2 SANs attached and one goes down. It's pretty kick ass.
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