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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Hey guys

Great detail there Silly Green's textures look real nice even more impressive is at they all seem to be the work of just one guy!

im sure i'll be getting that over the weekend i love Blue & gold are rarely fly elsewhere nows as most other addons look and perform crap when flown side by side with the orbx stuff!

Thinking about it i might just wait till monday morning now as marks isnt the first problem ive read about ppl having issues with corupted downloads and time outs,it seems that the strain has taken Orbx a bit by suprise also as theres a post over at there boards saying Green has sold more in its first few days that blue sold in its first month! seems that tas demo has really helped them out!

BTW Im gonna get my Oz repaints hosted at from now on as that seems the best place for them and the repainting guys over at there forum seem like a cool bunch,so no more having to put up with my WIP repaint screenies hehe

Bring on the Green screenies

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