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First of all, you should run the latest stable, which is 2.4.21 today, that is the version of linux, you are, i assume wondering which distribution that would suit you best?

First of all, Gentoo is a really slow distro, in ALL tests comparing it to the old i486 Slackware, slackware has been faster...

Not that it matters much though, as neither Slackware or Gentoo is a great distribution for a beginner... (maybe i am assuming too much though, how long have you been running linux?)

I would recommend Red Hat out of the box, buy it, you will recieve support from Red Hat when you need it...

My favourite distro is Slackware, but as soon as you have it downloaded, get swaret @ (forums @ )

That way you will be able to get both dependancies for installs and updates real easily...

Debian used to have an edge, not anymore...
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