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Hi everyone! Well, I held out for as along as I could then got the MSI 5900 ULTRA. I noticed the flicker problem and tried different refresh rates and resolutions with no fix. After some googleing I came across this forum and it looks like im not alone. I read a lot of reviews on this card and heard nothing about a flicker issue or that it was even happening. I spent $570 USD inc TAX and I figured for that price it should be flawless. Boy was I wrong. I have tried all kinds of things to make the @#$%ing flicker go away and I can't find a fix. I even tried taking out all other pci cards and upgrading my power supply from 350 watt to 431 watt.

I am also experiencing the strange noise whenever I use my mousewheel on cirtin webpages like

If you want to see if you have the flicker problem do this. Run the Dusk Ultra demo then alt+tab to your web browser. Go to google and other sites with white backgrounds. Tell me thats not annoying. The flicker only happens when running some 3d program and not just viewing the desktop.

Anyways, I just took the time to reg on this board to toss my problems in the pot with everyone else. I hope we get a fix soon.

I am using an MSI K7T266 Pro (MS-6380) + MSI 5900 FX ULTRA.
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