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Default Re: No more black terminals after starting X!!!!


usually the driver is setting the video mode by writing to the registers on the graphic card directly.

every graphic card also implements the int10 bios hooks (some of this interrupts are usually called if your pc is booting the first seconds with a black background) where you can e.g. set some different graphic modes by calling the interrupt 10 with some specific values in the cpu registers. this interrupt call executes a piece of code copied from the graphic card (this has nothing to do with the driver and is not part of the driver) to the main memory at boot time and sets (obviously) the correct mode.

so instead of writing the gpu registers directly by the driver, the driver just calls interrupt 10 with some specific parameters to set the mode.

therefore i think if the bios code on the graphic card is able to switch to the correct mode, the driver itself missed to write to some registers or to write the correct values.


edit: i just saw that this parameter switches off using the bios mode. therefore the driver code is used to set the mode instead the bios code which means that the bios code is broken.
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